Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Today is a Point of Inflection

An "inflection point" is:
1. A point on a curve that separates an arc concave upward from one concave downward and vice versa.
2. A time of significant change in a situation; a turning point.
In one case, it is an upward curve that has turned downward. In another, it is a downward curve that has turned upward. Either way, it is significant. It is a turning point.

Today is an inflection point. The Spirit has witnessed this to me. A transition is happening. It has been truly historic in the generations of men on this earth. (and I do not use that term lightly, as we commonly do in our general conferences) Until now, the Lord's hand has been manifesting itself quietly, subtly over the past years, preparing those who hear his voice largely in private. Today that feels to have changed. His words have been spoken in plainness, in the open. What the Holy Spirit quietly informed my soul of months ago has now been declared before the world. And the voice of a second witness has also been given. We, individually, are now tasked with choosing to heed the message or not.

I have heard parts of it second-hand and look forward to listening to Denver's talk today and later reading the transcript. It is the capstone segment of the ten-segment talk he has given over the past year. A person needs the context of the rest of the segments to understand its import.

If you have not considered this message, I urge you to study and consider it. The ten parts of the talk are available here for reading or listening. It is a very important invitation, one I would encourage you not to consider lightly. The Lord has confirmed to me by the power of the Holy Spirit that these are His words given through this man. The only credentials the man has is the message. I invite you to weigh it.

I believe the words spoken by Christ in 3 Nephi 21:9-11 are now literally in process of being fulfilled.

The message is not from where Latter-day Saints expect it to originate, but rather as "a voice as one crying in the wilderness". From outside the Church hierarchy, as with John the Baptist. (or Abinadi, or Amos, or Samuel the Lamanite, or Joseph Smith, or Lehi, etc.) It is an ancient and frequent pattern in our scriptures.

In fact, events that almost perfectly mirror what happened with John the Baptist in his role as an Elias (a preparer of the way), as a rightful, divinely appointed usurper of authority from the priestly ruling class, and as one chosen by the Lord to close one dispensation in preparation for a new one. Unlike John's role as foremost in the Aaronic Priesthood, in our day this Elias is one of the Melchizedek Order. It is Denver Snuffer, Jr. And the same sequence has now taken place, except it's the Gentiles this time, not the Jews. The first (Jews) shall be last (coming soon), and the last (the Gentiles) shall be first. (have been for 180 years, but now finishing up the "times of the Gentiles") And once again, mirroring the past in a chiasm of time, just as the Jews largely did not recognize and respond to John the Baptist, so in our day it is the Gentiles that will almost entirely miss and misapprehend the message of this servant.

The events have been and continue to be governed by the Lord's will and direction. It is a resumption of "the restoration" begun by Joseph. It was put on hold by our Gentile rejection of Joseph & Hyrum--and thus our rejection of the Lord's offer through them.

It has been four full generations now since our June 27th, 1844 rejection. Four generations of waiting for the Lord to once again offer salvation to true seekers of redemption. The Lord is once again reaching down to those few who will respond by repenting & reaching upward.

We have a choice before us.

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