Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Gulf Between Two Views Regarding Mormonism

It is a false dichotomy that forces a Latter-day Saint to either:

  1. Believe & accept that "all is well", that we can fully trust the Brethren to lead us all safely to salvation, and that any questions concerning our history can be safely ignored, or 
  2. Believe that any questions or problems concerning our history must therefore mean that the entire Restoration is counterfeit, all its leaders deceivers, and everything we thought we had, incorrect. 
This false dilemma seems to have led many into what may seem like a trap.

There is, however, another believing position separate from the first, not requiring either the veneration of current leaders nor abandonment of faith in what the Lord was doing through Joseph. I believe is not only more persuasive but also scriptural. But there is admittedly a gulf between these two believing positions:

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