Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Unexpected Historical Source for Recently Leaked Modern Repetition

On the heels of the recent leak of perceived threats of today's LDS Church (see below), the following ancient slide--believed to have been included in the Large Plates of Nephi and to have been what the leaked slide was patterned after--is presented here for historical context:

(click to enlarge)

For reference, the following is the corresponding diagram--one of a number of slides "leaked" on 28 Feb 2017, originally presented in an 8 Dec 2015 top-level church meeting. The term "Gospel" here is a euphemism for either the corporate L-dS Church or for "faithful charitable donations" made to it:


  1. This is excellent! Pure genius!

    1. “Not a thousandth part of that which Joseph Smith revealed to the church has yet been unfolded, either to the church or to the world. The work of the expounder has barely begun. The Prophet planted by teaching the germ-truths of the great dispensation of the fullness of times. The watering and weeding is going on, and God is giving the increase, and will give it more abundantly in the future as more intelligent discipleship shall obtain. The disciples of “Mormonism”, growing discontented with the necessarily primitive methods which have hitherto prevailed in sustaining the doctrine, will yet take profounder and broader views of the great doctrines committed to the church; and departing from mere repetition, will cast them in new formulas; cooperating in the works of the Spirit, until they help to give to the truths received a more forceful expression, and carry it beyond the earlier and cruder stages of its development.” - B.H. Roberts, Improvement Era, 1906